WIRED: Say Sayonara to Suck

WIRED: Say Sayonara to Suck - Aquamira
The review team at WIRED® had a chance to test the Geigerrig Hydration System in the RIG 500 Ballistic pack on a 14-mile run up Kanaka Peak in Northern California. Once again, the Geigerrig performed beautifully.
"This is a huge win for me, personally. I’ve been out of water and dehydrated on long runs, crossing streams without daring to drink the water I was wading through," writes WIRED gear reviewer Billy Brown.
The ability to refill your reservoir from any river, lake, stream or pond you encounter on the trail and filter it as you drink makes the Geigerrig the most advanced hydration reservoir in the world. There's no need to stop the adventure or quit the race with a Geigerrig on your back.
Read the full review at WIRED.
Photo by Ariel Zambelich/Wired

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