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April 19, 2011“We have reviewed products for years, and can usually find some way to improve the product. The GEIGERRIG packs have details only an outdoor enthusiast could appreciate. We couldn't find any way to improve this terrific line of products.” - Gear Testing Team,  – Common Sense Ideas for Thriving After 50 - A website dedicated to keeping people active as they evolve and age, providing information and advice on everything from getting started outdoors, to products that work, has given GEIGERRIG Hydration Packs their coveted Seal of Approval.

Sue Williams – Founder and Owner –

We search out gear that we think has potential to be the best gear available. We search for this gear because we want to find products that are intuitive to use and that enable our readers to optimally and safely enjoy outdoor activity. However, the appearance of product superiority is one thing -- actual product superiority is quite another. Therefore, we really go out of our way to put gear through the paces. We throw it, we stomp on it, we hike with it, we run with it, we fall on it, we sleep on it, we stack it in the back of trucks, it gets rained on, it gets snowed on, and we truly test to make sure that the product claims are met or exceeded. We want the gear that we recommend to provide true benefits that can be readily experienced by our readers so that they can better enjoy outdoor activity and the benefits that such activity can bring to their lives.
We wanted to test and compare the traditional hydration bladder and accompanying water filter with the water filtration system and pressurized hydration engine offered by an innovative, new company known as GEIGERRIG. When we received the traditional bladder and water filter from the industry’s leading hydration pack company it was immediately apparent that there are two very different standards for convenient hands’ free hydration packs and on-the-go in-line water filtration. There’s the old standard, and then there is the new GEIGERRIG standard:
Our Review – Found at
Just when we thought we knew what we liked about hydration, we reviewed Geigerrig Pressurized Hydration packs. We have tried hydration packs in the past and went back to bottles because we didn't like many restrictions of these products. We had to suck harder as the water went down, we couldn't share our water with others without getting their germs on our mouthpiece, and we found the bladders hard to clean and fill. This all changed when we used these pressurized bladders.
These packs have a pressure pump so we no longer are sucking on the tube. All we have to do is bite or pinch down on the bite valve and the water comes out! We can determine how much pressure by pumping for more, or using the release valve for less, so we can share our water with friends, spray down our face, give water to our dogs, and spray an injury. Because this pack hydrates easier, we drink more often, but we also look at this as a safety product. Anyone who has had an injury during an outdoor activity knows how important it is to clean the area ASAP.
Access to water for refilling is also a key issue when considering the convenience of a hydration pack. These pressurized hydration packs have a slide top that allows them to be easily dunked into a stream, river, creek, lake, etc. for refilling. In the past we had to then either spend time filtering or treating the water. When we were hiking, that sometimes was enough deterrent not to hydrate. When we tried the in-line filter, we couldn't believe how easily it snapped into the drinking tube so that the fresh stream water can be filtered as it travels, under pressure, from the hydration pack, through the drink tube, to the bite valve! Amazing!
Make sure you watch the great informational videos on their web site so all those little questions about how to use this system is answered. We found when using something new, it is great to have lots of help. We found out the bladder can be easily turned inside out for cleaning and is dishwasher safe. We have reviewed products for years, and can usually find some way to improve the product. The packs have details only an outdoor enthusiast could appreciate. We couldn't find any way to improve this terrific line of products.
Pressurized Filter
The In-Line Portable Water Filter, which is only 5.5 inches Long X 1 In. diameter works so easily, it's hard to believe. The spray action from the GEIGERRIG Pressurized Hydration Pack pushes the water through the filter. It is rated to filter up to 50 Gallons and only weighs .06 kg.
This filter has been tested and certified to remove >99.9% Cryptosporidium & Giardia. Activated Coconut Shell Carbon reduces waterborne chemicals, improves taste and eliminates offensive odors, and the Mirigard Antimicrobial Technology suppresses the growth of bacteria, algae, fungus, mold and mildew within the filter media. This needs a GEIGERRIG filter ready drinking tube and you are all set, no more waiting for chemicals or contaminating a filter in the pack.
Rig 500 Ballistic
We found this small pack perfect for cycling, walking, rock climbing. It uses a 2 liter pressurized bladder and has plenty of room for small items and a jacket. It is made from 100% Ballistic Nylon with 500 Cubic in. dry capacity. Put your articles in the pack before you pressurize the water, the clothes act as part of the pressure, so you don't lose any space compared to the unpressurized bladders. Plus, you don't have to hear water sloshing on your back. Make sure you read all the features of the pressurized bladder in the company description.
We love how this pack has heavy duty coil zippers, and an I-Pod ready compartment with a waterproof zipper garage. Although this is a small pack, it comes with the extras usually only found in larger packs. It has a removable waist strap, an integrated slider chest strap and a shoulder strap that has an ergonomic fit, industrial load dispersement cut with padding. Some of the extras are a reflective tabs for safety, internal storage compartments, and Eco rig back pads.
Rig 1200
We are not going to repeat all the great info above because all the packs have what is in the small pack and the bladder system. This bladder is 3 liters, great for the longer hike. Our reviewer used this for an all day hike and loved everything about it. She packed for cold weather, a jacket, rain pants, liner jacket, hat, gloves, lots of food and extras. The pack was so comfortable. Many manufacturers forget that day hikers want comfort too.
The waist strap is removable, and this means you can easily get a camera on it. The mesh pockets on the sides come in handy for those who want to bring a bottle for electrolyte replacement. The compression straps and bungie cord allow the hiker to keep the pack tightly packed, yet convert it for more or less items quickly. Our reviewer attached her hiking poles to the back when not using them, securing them with the straps and anchoring them in the lift handle.
Rig 1600
Although this pack is considered a day pack, we feel you could use this for an overnight backpacking trip or for a carry-on bag for travel. It has a padded and stowable hip belt with pockets configured for hosting the power bulb if you travel. The heavy weight handle makes it easy to grab and go. Our reviewer loved the Eco rig back pads and air drive ventilation. It allows your back to breathe and ventilate.
With all the extras on this bag, and being able to hold 1600 cu. inches, you can really pack it. The compression straps can give you more space or cinch it down for a nice day pack. It doesn't look that much bigger than the 1200 Rig. With the organizer and separate storage pockets, and the reinforced exterior side storage pockets, this is truly a multipurpose pack.
Visit or FiftySense on Facebook to learn more. To inquire as to our testing and analysis of the GEIGERRIG Hydration Pack, please feel free to contact us.

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