The Best Pack Ever Worn

April 19, 2011 – Branch Whitney, hiking guru of the South West; author of Hiking Las Vegas - 60 Hikes Within 60 Minutes of the Strip, Hiking Southern Nevada, Hiking The High Sierra - The Best Hikes and Scrambles In The Sierra And On Kauai, and Hiking The Southwest - The Best Hikes in Nevada, Arizona, Utah and New Mexico; hiking guide; and founder and owner of; has performed a thorough review of the new GEIGERRIG Pressurized Hydration Packs and has declared them—"The Best Packs on the Planet"
 “I’ve conducted reviews of many products, and I don’t endorse their benefits or their quality without thorough testing and without absolute sincerity. I choose products based solely on their ability to deliver superior value and performance for myself and the people that I guide.” – Branch Whitney
Branch’s review of the new GEIGERRIG packs reflects the sentiment of 3M Corporation which declared these packs The Best New Hard Goods Product for the 2011 Winter Outdoor Retailer Show. Branch’s analysis of the packs is in line with the editors of Adventure World Magazine who espoused the durability and quality of GEIGERRIG packs, and pronounced the GEIGERRIG hydration bladders to be “the best hydration bladders on the market”. Branch’s views of these new hydration packs also mirror those of Camping Life Magazine who gave GEIGERRIG their Gear of the Year award for 2011. And Branch’s thoughts are similar to those of Mike Atkinson and Chris Osman (former Navy SEALS and owners of Trident Tactical and Technical) whose analysis and review of the new GEIGERRIG packs was that GEIGERRIG hydration systems were their product of choice for both the Outdoor Retailer Show and the Shot Show. The list goes on and on, with similar sentiments offered by writers for Outside Magazine and many more…
Branch’s original review can be found on his blog at Here are his comments regarding the GEIGERRIG RIG 1600:

Geigerrig Pack: Rig 16 – The Best Pack Ever!

It's hard to know where to start this review, because this pack is so awesome. First, the quality is outstanding. Heavy duty Ballistic Nylon construction and Industrial Size 10 Coil zippers will guarantee this pack will last a long time. Do you like to be organized? This pack has eight pockets/compartments and one of those compartments has an organizer for pens, wallet etc.
The pack has a separate compartment for the bladder. What does this mean? When you remove the bladder to fill it, you do not have to remove other gear that's normally in the way. This is very nice. You also don't have to remove the hose, since it has a quick release mechanism. Threading and un-threading the hose through small holes in other packs is a real pain! It even has a clip holder for the hose. This prevents your mouth piece from landing in the dirt when you set your pack on the ground.
The waistbelt is thick, padded, adjustable and has zipper pockets on both sides. The well padded back of the pack guarantees a comfortable fit. The chest strap is also adjustable in height (about six inches).
Now we come to the revolutionary bladder. How can a bladder be much different? That's what I thought and I was wrong. First, the bladder uses a pump to allow the water to squirt into your mouth; no more sucking! This keeps your hose cleaner and you do not have to clean it as often. If it's hot, you can keep cool by squirting yourself. The bladder has a wide opening making it very easy to put ice in it. Cleaning the bladder is easy. You turn it inside out and put it in the dishwasher.
Now for the best part. This daypack carries like a backpack. When I first put it on, it felt so light I thought I forgot the bladder. This is the best pack I have ever worn.

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