Adventure World Magazine—Editor's Choice

March 29, 2011 – These are the best hydration bladders on the market. They have plenty of well deserved awards to prove it. The bladders are actually called engines because, while they look similar to a regular bladder, they actually spray water. Just pinch the bite valve with your teeth or fingers and the water sprays right out so that you can keep the oxygen flowing into your lungs while you drink. You pump up a separate chamber in the engine to pressurize it with a ball similar to that of a blood pressure cuff which is stowed in a pouch on the shoulder strap of your pack. The hose snaps on and off easily with a quick release and the top of the engine slides open completely letting everything dry out quickly with no hiding spots for the water. [It even turns inside out for cleaning in the top shelf of your dishwasher.] The bite valve never leaks, which blows me away. Every other valve I've had leaks constantly and they aren't even pressurized! Adding the feather-light water filter extends your water supply to fifty gallons.
Their packs come in several different sizes, but they are all incredibly tough and well padded with plenty of well thought-out pockets and straps to organize and stow equipment. I wasn’t afraid to load these things down with the heaviest gear I could find and nothing is going to stab through the ballistic nylon.
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