How do I know if the treatment is still effective if I have exposed them to high temperatures or other abuse?

If the containers of your Aquamira Water Treatment are intact, it is probable that the liquid is still viable.  A good way to see is to go ahead and combine equal amounts of Part A and Part B and look for the chemical reaction.  If you get the yellow color change and the odor of the oxygen being released, the resulting liquid is effective.
Chlorine Dioxide is a gas. Aquamira part “A” is an aqueous solution of chlorine dioxide that uses a binder to turn the gas into a liquid form.  Aquamira part “B” is a specially formulated, food grade activator that breaks down the binder to release the chlorine dioxide back into the gaseous form.  Combining parts A and B for five minutes forms this solution which is introduced into the water.  By using an equal volume of phosphoric acid as the activator, a consistent concentration of chlorine dioxide is created for a specific volume of water.  Aquamira parts “A” and “B” are formulated to give the most efficient delivery of chlorine dioxide.
  • After combining Parts A and B and waiting 5 minutes for activation, the solution should be added directly to the water being treated and wait for 15 minutes to kill bacteria.
  • When Aquamira Chlorine Dioxide parts A and B are mixed together, chlorine dioxide is activated and releases oxygen in a highly active form to effectively kill bacteria and enhance the taste of the water.
  • Parts A and B must be premixed in a small mixing container before adding it to water. Premixing parts A and B activates the chlorine dioxide and begins the release of oxygen that kills bacteria. The mixture will turn yellow as the chlorine dioxide activates. Only then is it ready to be added to drinking water.
Chlorine dioxide is a an excellent antimicrobial agent registered by the US  EPA for use in purifying drinking water and has been in use for many years.  It has been shown to kill microorganisms much more rapidly than chlorine and iodine while not producing harmful byproducts.  When used as directed at safe levels, chlorine dioxide breaks down quickly into water, oxygen and salt with no known harmful effects to humans or the environment.  Chlorine dioxide is a sanitizer of choice (approved by the FDA) in the food industry due to its effectiveness and safety and is the recommended water disinfection method by the US Centers for Disease Control for back country and travel use.

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