Aquamira Increases Consumer Safety by Blazing the Trail to Outdoor & Emergency Water Certification

LOGAN, Utah, Aug. 2, 2016 - Consumers rely on point-of-use water filtration devices for safe drinking water during recreation, home emergency, travel, and daily use. Yet, many products on the market fall short of guaranteeing compliance with established safety standards and regulations. One company is leading the way by taking steps to ensure product integrity and consumer safety.
Aquamira Technologies is leading the OIA (Outdoor Industries Association) by being the first and only manufacturer to certify its water filtration devices to meet the ANSI/NSF (American National Standards Institute/The National Sanitation Foundation) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) standards for drinking water safety. Aquamira received certification for 29 products through IAPMO R&T - One of North America’s premier accredited testing and certification organizations for plumbing, mechanical, and water treatment products.
By participating in IAPMO’s Water Systems certification program and earning the platinum seal, Aquamira is demonstrating a commitment to helping consumers distinguish products that meet or exceed established performance standards specific to drinking water quality.
“Certification sends a strong signal about product integrity but more importantly it helps consumers make better decisions about health and safety,” said Aquamira CEO Gary Cruikshank. “We hope people will begin to understand that asking a simple question: ‘Are your water filters certified?’ will help reduce unnecessary risk.”
Aquamira has a long-standing history of manufacturing reliable filters for its family of brands, as well as, for many private label partners. Making filters that consistently perform and comply with the prevailing health standards is something the company believes differentiates its products from others on the market.
“3rd party testing in accordance with industry standards has been an integral part of our R&D since we started in 2005,” said COO, Dennis Brown. “So it was a natural step to demonstrate that our practices are certification worthy. Any company can use marketing terminology to make claims that would be difficult for a consumer to dispute without access to a lab and insights into safe drinking water standards. Our feeling is that if a product claim is too good to be's probably not.” He continues,“Certification assures customers that manufacturers are consistent in their claims, test methods and standards. Consumers can be confident that certified products meet industry standards and not a random standard designed to enhance the perceived quality or performance of a product.”
Data and information are paramount to making informed decisions about health and safety products. Aquamira provides a complete listing of all certifications for each product listed for sale on the company Additionally, Aquamira welcomes customer questions by phone or email.

About Aquamira:

Aquamira Technologies Inc. specializes in manufacturing technologies that make water safe to drink. Our brands include WaterBasics, Frontier, Aquamira, and Geigerrig hydration packs. Our best­in­class water purification and filtration products comply with standards set forth by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and are certified by IAPMO to meet relevant ANSI/­NSF and EPA standards.

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